Example stats from one of our average performing affiliates

You need to look at the red arrows in the stats screenshot above.

536 unique clicks were sent to Penis Advantage by this affiliate.

15 sales were generated.

This means for every 35 visitors this affiliate sends us, he makes 1 sale. The more traffic he sends, the more money he makes!

Don't get fooled by stats on other sites that have been manipulated to show a huge conversion ratio because they have used only a few hits. With just over 500 uniques the above example shows you clearly and honestly the ability of our site to sell.

This is not our best affiliate, this is an average one. You can make as much cash as this guy and almost certainly much more!

If you wish, we can work with you to increase your conversion ratios and profits. We have affiliates making thousands of dollars per week right now from PenisAdvantage.com.

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Example stats from one of our higher converting affiliates

Do the math.

136 unique clicks and 9 sales generated! That's 1 sale for every 15 visitors! A 1:15 conversion ratio!

I challenge you to find another penis enlargement site converting like that! These are not made up, nor are they out of the ordinary.

With only a very small amount of traffic, the above webmaster is making approximately $700 per week, from one link on one of his sites! Our program converts like no other as it has a first class reputation for quality, customer service and results. This program really does work!

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